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Biomass Briquettes and Biogas from waste


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We provide biogas manufacturing plant and consultancy to make bio CNG and gobar gas from cow dung. We provide biogas CNG manufacturing plant and consultancy to make electricity from  biogas.

We provide manufacturing plant and consultancy for making briquettes from green waste? 

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Convert your housing society wet waste into manure by automatic machine


There are many schemes from MNRE and other agencies to assist you financially.

Wish to contribute your worth to the mother nature, but do not know how to start and how to contribute in an easy way. This website will inform you in an easy to understand manner.

We provide biogas manufacturing plant, briquettes manufacturing plant and offer consultancy for setting up projects by unemployed youth to do business of bio fuel, bio CNG and bio electricity.

If you want to start your own bio fuel unit, we will help you to establish it. Funds are available through loan schemes and the Indian government offers good subsidy on such projects. We accept turn key projects.


If you have cattle and buffalos, we can help you to set up a mini biogas plant for your daily cooking fuel needs. The plant will provide cooking gas from cow dung and kitchen waste. We accept turn key projects.  


If you have green waste source from agriculture and surrounding areas, we can help you set up briquette making unit to produce bio coal that can be used as a replacement to the expensive coal for burning in boilers, stoves, sigadis and home chulahs. 


This website will inform you all about using waste and converting it to bio fuel in the form of bio gas or briquette. By using waste and converting it to fuel you are helping the Indian government to realize its following schemes-

Swachhata Abhiaan: By cleaning waste from your locality

Make in India: By making fuel from the waste

Digital India: By connecting everyone through internet to make and use bio fuel

Saubka Sath Subka Vikas: By involving everyone to uplift their own status

Employment for all: Generating employment for the unemployed village youth


Green Earth Consultant is not non political, non funded agency that serves to protect the environment and generate self employment for the unemployed youth in Indian villages and help them set up small projects for their livelihood.


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