We take turnkey projects for installation of BIO CNG plants

Installing Bio CNG plant

Training staff

Assistance in all documentation

Assistance in obtaining PESO license




We have plants for

Converting green waste to CNG fuel for vehicles

Converting green waste to Electricity


View photographs of plant


Sell your bio products 

Sell CNG fuel for vehicles through your own CNG station

Sell CNG directly to petroleum companies

Sell Electricity through electricity grid

Sell organic fertilizer to farmers




Waste that can be used:

Food, cowdung, vegetable, paddy, wheat, rice husk, bagasse, pressmud, spentwash, wild grass, poultry litter, farm waste, forest waste, garden waste, etc



Almost half of the installed biogas plants either close down or run in losses due to wrong advice, using outdated technology, using wrong combination of components and hiring an unqualified and inexperienced consultant.




Cell: +91 8369936626


We prefer receiving an email rather than receiving a call



(Please do not call just to get information to know what is bio CNG and what is the cost of BIO CNG plant)


Please only call if you are truely interested to install the CNG plant, you have done your ground work and ready to discuss about instalation of CNG plant. We do not show CNG plant installation before receiving confirmed order.




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